Zildjian KS5791 K Sweet Cymbal Set – 15/17/19/21 inch, Gator GP-PC302 Bag, (5) Drum Sticks Bundle


  • Includes 15″ hi-hats, 17″ and 19″ crashes, and a 21″ ride
  • Part of the Zildjian K Sweet Family of cymbals
  • Made from bold, cutting B20 bronze
  • Thin weight maximizes expression

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Rich and Responsive Cymbal Pack

The Zildjian K Sweet cymbal pack is an ideal complement to drummers who prefer cymbals with a warm and rich tone that never overpowers. Comprising a pair of 15-inch hi-hats, 17-inch and 19-inch crash cymbals with unlathed bells, and a medium-weight 21-inch ride, the Zildjian K Sweet cymbal pack covers all the basics and is suitable for any genre, from jazz and progressive rock to R&B and metal.

This Cymbal Pack extends the rich sounds of the K Zildjian Series in a sweet and responsive new direction that’s great for all types of music. Oversized 15″ HiHats feature a thin top and an extra heavy bottom, creating a great wash without sacrificing a satisfying and solid “chick”. The 17″ and 19″ crashes are extra thin in weight for a fast response, and their unlathed bells create nicely balanced high frequencies. The medium weight 21″ ride is just thin enough to be crashable, while maintaining great stick definition and a clear bell tone.



4-piece set that covers your basic needs Cast bronze Rich, dark tone Category: K Sweet Series 15-inch hi-hat pair 17-inch and 19-inch crashes 21-inch ride Finish: Traditional


Zildjian KS5791 K Sweet Cymbal Set – 15/17/19/21 inch Gator GP-PC302 Bag (5) Drum Sticks


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