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Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB DUO Heritage Edition – 10×6 USB Audio Interface with UAD DSP (Return Unit)


  • Musicians, Producers, and Songwriters
  • USB 3.0 Connectivity
  • 2 Unison Mic Preamps, 1 Hi-Z Input
  • 1 Headphone Out, 4 Line/Monitor Outs

Poised to be the center of a Windows-based home studio or mobile rig, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB Heritage Edition desktop 10×6 USB audio interface combines the sound, feel, and flow of analog studio recording with powerful DUO Core real-time UAD processing and a hearty bundle of 25 stellar UAD plug-ins.

Furnished with 24-bit / 192 kHz converters performing well beyond the interface’s price point, the Apollo Twin USB gives musicians, producers, songwriters, and audio engineers the appreciable value of clear, high-resolution recording and mixing with low distortion (-110 dB) and great dynamic range (118 dB).

The interface features two XLR-1/4″ mic/line combo inputs and a 1/4″ Hi-Z input, all with Unison integration for precise UAD emulations of classic analog preamps—impart vintage character of your choosing on microphone and instrument recordings while bypassing the unpredictable nature of old equipment.

Thanks to the switchable low-cut filter, pad, polarity inversion, 48V phantom power, and stereo linking on each analog input, you can efficiently optimize your incoming signals with straightforward buttons on the Apollo Twin USB’s face. In addition to the two primary analog inputs, you can record up to eight more channels by connecting external preamps with ADAT or S/PDIF optical outputs to the TOSLINK optical input port on the Apollo Twin USB.

The built-in DUO Core processing allows you to monitor and record audio using classic analog emulations with near-zero latency and no burden on your computer’s CPU. The plug-in bundle included with the Heritage Edition empowers you with 25 top-notch plug-ins ranging from vintage compressor and EQ collections to virtual guitar/bass amps and time-based processors. The included Console application provides control and recall of all interface and UAD plug-in settings including channel-strip presets, drag-and-drop functionality, and dynamically resizable windows.

Equipped with a dedicated stereo monitor feed, a front-panel headphone output, and two additional 1/4″ line outputs, the Apollo Twin USB can serve as the monitor controller for your studio’s speakers and headphones. Plus, its clearly visible input and output meters help you keep track of your levels.

At any point, you can increase the power of the Apollo Twin USB through integration of qualified Universal Audio hardware. Add UAD-2 PCIe DSP accelerator cards, UAD-2 Satellite Firewire, and UAD-2 Satellite USB to expand DSP resources without abandoning the Apollo Twin USB.

Heritage Edition

The Heritage Edition features the same Apollo Twin USB interface found in the standard edition, but with more plug-ins. The standard Apollo Twin USB includes the Realtime Analog Classics bundle (14 plug-ins), and the Heritage Edition adds 11 more plug-ins for a total of 25 revered UA-powered plug-ins.

The Power of Apollo

  • Track, overdub, and mix with high-resolution AD/DA conversion and DSP-powered plug-ins
  • DUO Core UAD processing for tracking through models of vintage compressors, EQs, tape machines, mic preamps, and guitar amps with near-zero latency and no burden on your computer’s CPU
  • Unison technology nails the tone of sought-after tube and solid-state mic pres including their input impedance, gain-stage sweet spots, and the component-level circuit behaviors of the original hardware
  • USB 3.0 connectivity for Windows computers (USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable included)
  • Convenient desktop form factor with reliable AC powering (external power supply included)
  • Free, industry-leading phone/online technical support from knowledgeable audio engineers

I/O for the Studio

  • 10×6 audio interface with two Unison-enabled microphone preamps (via XLR-1/4″ combo mic/line inputs), providing emulations of classic analog preamps with near-zero latency
  • One front-panel, Unison-enabled 1/4″ Hi-Z input for direct connection of a guitar, bass, or keyboard
  • Stereo 1/4″ monitor output and one 1/4″ headphone output, each with dedicated level control
  • Two additional 1/4″ line-level outputs, may be used for alternate monitor outputs
  • Add up to eight extra input channels via one TOSLINK optical ADAT port (may alternatively be used for stereo S/PDIF)

Expandable DSP

  • Use alongside UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator cards, UAD-2 Satellite FireWire, and UAD-2 Satellite USB for truly scalable mixing power

25 Powered Plug-Ins

Includes Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle plus 11 additional plug-ins to complete the compressor, EQ, and preamp collections and provide another reverb (plug-ins support VST, RTAS, Audio Units, and AAX 64-bit for compatibility with all major DAWs):

  • UA 610-A Tube Preamp and EQ (Vintage)
  • UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ (Modern)
  • Marshall Plexi Classic Guitar Amp
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp
  • UA 1176LN Limiting Amplifier (Legacy)
  • UA 1176SE Limiting Amplifier (Legacy)
  • UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection (1176LN Rev E, 1176 Rev A, and 1176AE 40th Anniversary Edition)
  • Pultec EQP-1A EQ (Legacy)
  • Pultec MEQ-5 EQ (Legacy)
  • Pultec Passive EQ Collection (EQP-1A, MEQ-5, and HLF-3C)
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier (Legacy)
  • Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection (LA-2A Silver, LA-2A Gray, and LA-2)
  • Raw Distortion
  • Precision Channel Strip (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Reflection Engine (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Delay Mod (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Delay Mod L (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler
UPC: 819937003134

Computer Connectivity: USB 3.0 Form Factor: Desktop Simultaneous I/O: 10 x 6 Number of Preamps: 2 x mic, 1 x instrument Phantom Power: Yes A/D Resolution: 24-bit/192kHz Built In DSP/FX: Legacy UAD plugins LA-2A, 1176N, Pultec EQ, 610-B Tube Preamp, Softube amp room Analog Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line), 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z) Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (line out), 2 x 1/4" (monitor) Digital Inputs: 1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" USB: 1 x Type B 3.0 Software: UAD Analog Classics Bundle with Unison Emulations (VST, RTAS, AU, AAX 64), 5 Heritage Edition plug-ins OS Requirements – PC: Windows 10 Anniversary update or later, Quad Core i7 Processor or higher Power Supply: 12V DC power supply (included) Height: 2.60" Width: 6.31" Depth: 5.86" Weight: 2.35 lbs.


Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB DUO Heritage Edition – 10×6 USB Audio Interface with UAD DSP External Power Supply 4 x Changeable AC Connectors, Supporting USA, Europe, UK, Australia, and China USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Cable 25 x UAD Plug-Ins (Download) Limited 1-Year Warranty


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