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SKP Pro Audio D-Touch 20 Digital Mixing Console Touchscreen WiFi 20-Inputs/16-Bus/8-Outs



20-INPUTS / 16-BUS / 8 OUTS

SKP PRO AUDIO introduces the new digital console: D-Touch20.
It comes equipped with 20 input channels, 8 balanced output channels, digital stereo output AES/EBU, SPDIF input and output, and one headphone output with volume control.
The D-Touch20 offers two 2.0 USB ports, one allows the user to record, save and play audio while the other connects through Wi-Fi to an iPad.
Thanks to the IPS technology, its 7” Touchscreen is visible from any angle. Also for more commodity, it can be configured in two different positions.
On the right side towards the top of the mixer you will find 6 buttons, the Setup button, On/Off lock of the screen button, the Back button, Copy and Paste buttons, and the built-in player button.
It comes equipped with an rotative encoder that allows to make fast adjustment on the selected function.
It has 9 motorized faders of high precision which can be modified and saved to the preset buttons on the right, so that we can mix in a fast and simple way by just navigating through the different configurations.
In the main screen, we find the first 8 channels and each of them is divided into 5 sections.
The first section is the preamplifier, from here we can turn on the phantom power, adjust the gain, invert the signal phase, apply a delay and insert a filter for the highs, we can also add up to two of the eight effect processors. The second section is for equalization, it has a 4 bands parametric equalizer that allows to modify the frequency level, either from the screen or from the multifunction encoder. We can save the equalizations as preset to use them latter.
It’s also possible to bypass the filter or eliminate it.
The next section is the dynamic processors, here we have an expander/gate and a compressor. On the expander, we can visualize the temporal evolution of the signal, and on the compressor the input/output curve. In both cases all the parameters can be adjusted.
When working with side chain compression, we have the option to choose which is the source that activates the processors. We can also save the created settings to use them when needed.
Next, we have the buses section which allows us to make sends to internal buses and to physical outputs of the mixer, assigning the same pre-or post-fader directly from the touchscreen.
All these functions and the ones we will see on the second part of the video can be done remotely from an iPad.
Both the input/output channels are organized in layers, you can access them from the 3 preset buttons or by scrolling through the touchscreen. On the first and second layer, we find the input channels and on the third layer the 3 output buses
The first 4 buses can be switched to the last 4 buses to create sub groups.
We have a 4 bands parametric equalizer on each bus.


12 mic inputs with Purity Preamps and +48V Phantom Power 2 Stereo TRS inputs S/PDIF I/O – AES/EBU outputs USB Stereo Input / USB Stereo Recording Digital Gain. Total Recall High Quality Professional Neutrik Connectors 16 buses 8 assignable XLR output connectors Stereo monitor output connector / Headphone output AD/DA up to 192kHz 7” 1024px IPS Touchscreen Screen adjustable angle / Capacitive display Total Lock Security Function 9 Motorized faders 100mm / Send on Fader 10 Digital Vumeter 8 internal effect modules Modulation/Delay/Reverb/Graphic EQ Phase Inverter/Input Delay Compressor/Side Chain/Gate/Full—Parametric EQ WIFI USB / iPad remote control (*NO INCLUDED)

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(1) SKP Pro Audio D-Touch 20 Digital Mixing Console Touchscreen WiFi 20-Inputs/16-Bus/8-Outs

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