Shure GLXD24R/B87A Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System


  • For Presenters and Performers
  • Beta 87A Supercardioid Mic/Transmitter
  • True Diversity Rackmount Receiver
  • 16-Hour SB902 Rechargeable Battery

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Shure’s GLX-D Advanced digital wireless platform upgrades their popular GLX-D line with next-generation receivers and frequency-management integration. This Shure GLX-D Advanced digital wireless guitar system includes a GLXD2 handheld transmitter paired with Shure’s Beta 87A supercardioid condenser microphone capsule. Rechargeable Li-ion battery technology also ensures minimum weight, maximum transmission time, and fast charging.

On the receiving end, there’s Shure’s updated GLXD4R rackmount receiver. This receiver combines heroic LINKFREQ automatic frequency management and painless automatic configuration, which is extended to multichannel setups when you link up to six systems via Shure’s GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager and distribution module. When you need clear, clean, and reliable digital wireless for a fantastic low price, Shure’s GLX-D Advanced is the way to go.

It doesn’t matter if you need a conventional handheld mic for your lead vocalist, a lav for corporate conventions, or an instrument system that lets you cut the cord and rock across the stage, Shure’s GLX-D Advanced digital wireless platform offers the system you need. These systems build on Shure’s already popular GLX-D wireless platform and use the same amazingly clear transmitters and microphone capsules.

The major upgrade is in the receiver, which manages bandwidth better than ever. And if you’re putting together a larger wireless system, you’re going to love the clarity and flexibility GLX-D Advanced gives you, thanks to the highly efficient GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager, which lets you run up to 11 systems at once more reliably than ever.

Tired of filling your local landfill with spent alkaline batteries? Even if you’ve moved on to rechargeable batteries, you have to appreciate the slim and sleek SB902 rechargeable Li-ion batteries featured in Shure’s GLX-D Advanced wireless transmitters. These low-profile batteries deliver up to 16 hours of use from a full charge and charge up quickly, thanks to the kind of efficient Li-ion battery technology found in cell phones and other modern mobile devices.

What’s more, they provide you with extremely accurate metering, so there are no mid-show surprises to worry about. The receiver is equipped with a built-in charging port, and you can also recharge a battery while it’s in a handheld transmitter using a USB charging cable. Need a quick charge? Fifteen minutes in the charger gives you an hour and a half of operation, so a quick charge during the intermission can be enough to save the show.

Your days of worrying about navigating LCD screens in dark venues to secure open wireless channels are over. GLX-D Advanced systems feature Shure’s LINKFREQ automatic frequency management, which won’t just find open channels; it allows your systems to work together to utilize the bandwidth you have in the most efficient way possible. What’s more, LINKFREQ automatic frequency management is so robust, that when it encounters RG interference, it continuously adjusts to find the clearest possible channels. Set it, forget it, and get brilliantly clear digital wireless transmission with GLX-D Advanced.


  • Globally unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band allows operation of up to 11 systems (9 typical)
  • LINKFREQ intelligent frequency management quickly identifies the best open channels
  • Bidirectional communication lets the transmitter automatically follow receiver frequency changes
  • Continuous interference monitoring and automatic frequency switching eliminates signal interruptions
  • Transmitter automatically links to the receiver for seamless frequency changing
  • Up to 16 hours of continuous use with Shure lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Get approximately 1.5 hours of operation on just 15 minutes of charging — a real show saver
  • Transmission radius of up to 200′ provides full coverage for average venues
  • Extend transmission capabilities with additional antenna systems (call your Sales Engineer for details)
  • Easily integrate up to 6 GLX-D Advanced systems with a single GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager

– Audio Analog or digital: Analog Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Dynamic range: 120dB – Range Line of sight: 200' Obstructions: 100' – Microphone # of transmitters 1 Capsule: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid Microphone type: Handheld Switches: On/off and mute – Battery Type: Lithium rechargeable Life: 16 hours – Transmitter Construction: Cast Metal Width: 2" Height: 10" Weight: 9.3 oz. – Receiver Receiver construction: Steel Width: 1.7" Height: 7.8" Depth: 6.4" Weight: 2 lb. Rackmountable: Yes


GLXD4R rackmount wireless receiver with automatic channel setup/frequency management GLXD2 handheld microphone transmitter Beta 87A supercardioid condenser microphone capsule SB902 rechargeable lithium-ion battery USB battery charging cable Padded zipper accessory case


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