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Reloop RP-8000 MK2 – Upper Torque Hybrid Turntable Instrument for Serato DJ Pro


Key Features
  • Seven Color-Coded Performance Modes
  • Platter Play for Melodic Performances
  • Eight Performance Pads
  • Upper-Torque Direct Drive

Reloop RP-8000-MK2 Overview

Developed in close cooperation with renowned international turntable artists, the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 is an upper torque direct quartz driven hybrid turntable/instrument, well suited for live performance DJs at a party or in the club. Designed for seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, the RP-8000 MK2 offers the possibility of controlling up to seven different performance modes via the pad section. The MK2 also includes a Platter Play mode, which allows the pads to be used to control the platter’s rotation speed to create melodies and authentic musical performances.

A digital LCD shows information regarding pitch, BPM, deck assignment, scales and notes, elapsed/ remaining time of current track, and firmware settings. A highly beneficial feature allows one to match track BPMs without looking at a computer screen. The 8 large RGB pads can control over 7 different performance modes (Cue, Sampler, Saved Loops, Pitch Play, Loop, Loop Roll, Slicer), as well as 2 user modes, which can be custom assigned with individual preferred functions. Additionally, the multi-encoder allows for track browsing direct from the deck itself and can instantly load to the respective deck. What’s more, the RP-8000 MK2 is MIDI compatible and can communicate with most MIDI controllable DJ software, thereby negating the need for an additional controller for performance modes.

Platter Play mode controls the platter’s pitch via the performance pads, opening new possibilities for musical live performances and turning the RP-8000 MK2 into a legitimate musical instrument. A total of 22 scales and 34 notes are available with an option to create up to 9 user-defined scales. The two speed select buttons can be used for pitch bending in Platter Play mode and to respectively increase or decrease the audio material’s pitch in steps of one half-tone. Furthermore, the platter’s speed can also be controlled via an external MIDI keyboard.

An updated statically balanced S-shaped tone arm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism was developed, while the base provides improved stability and adjustable height/vertical tracking angle (VTA). The housing is made from a combination of metal, rubber, and synthetic materials, creating a heavy and reinforced enclosure that results in vibration resistant performance, especially in heavy bass environments. Additionally, the shock-absorbing feet help to further improve this isolation. The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant high-quality deep black metallic finish. The Reloop RP-8000 MK2 ships with a slipmat, counterweight, phono cable, USB cable, and a power cord.

  • Developed in close collaboration with renowned international turntable musicians
  • Designed for Serato DJ Pro: Control 7 new RGB color-coded performance modes
  • Platter Play Mode: Performance pads can be used to control the speed of the platter to enable melodic and more musical live performances
  • Extra-large, highly responsive performance pads with multicolor LEDs
  • 22 scales are available with the option to create up to 9 custom scales
  • Pitch bending function via speed select buttons in Platter Play mode
  • Reworked Control Section: More streamlined multi-encoder and intuitive mode section
  • Independent pad modes (when used in conjunction with the ELITE mixer)
  • Rigid chassis construction with an even heavier design with additional reinforcements out of metal, rubber, and molding compound for high vibration damping and isolation
  • More powerful starting torque (adjustable from 2.8 – 4.5 kg/cm)
  • Fine-tuned motor control for further optimization of wow and flutter and rotation
  • Height-adjustable MK2 tone arm base (VTA)
  • Particularly lightweight and rigid satin aluminum material used for tone arm
  • Adjustable pitch scale for precise adjustments
  • Additional Output: The turntable can be connected to two mixers at the same time and allows easy switching from DVS to vinyl
  • Optional ground terminal offers additional protection in complex club & studio environments
  • Easily replaceable, freely rotatable LED needle light in new uni-body aluminum design
  • High-quality and hard-wearing deep black, metallic finish
  • Quartz driven hybrid turntable instrument with upper-torque direct drive
  • Takes your DJ performances to a new level of creativity and musicality
  • MIDI compatible control section consists of multi-encoder, 8 large LED pads, three layers with 7 performance modes (cue, sampler, saved loops, pitch play, loop, loop roll, slicer) and 2 user modes
  • Digital LCD for pitch, BPM, scale, key, deck assignment and firmware settings
  • Seamlessly combines a powerful musical instrument and a professional DJ turntable
  • Adjustable stop time (0.2 – 6 sec.)
  • Precise motor control with 3 speeds (33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM)
  • Precision manufactured, die cast aluminum turntable
  • Rubber inlays reduce vibrations and background noise
  • Statically balanced, universal S-shaped tone arm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism
  • Universal connection for pick-up systems (SME)
  • High-resolution pitch fader (0.02 % resolution)
  • Pitch range +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50% (Ultra Pitch)
  • Quartz lock
  • Reverse function: Switch for forward and reverse operation
  • Smart USB link for up to 4 turntables
  • Auto deck-assign feature when linked
  • Recessed connection cavity for easy installation in cases & seamless adjustment
  • Phono and line out (no grounding required)
  • Removable mains and RCA cables
  • Safety mains switch
  • Shock-absorbing feet insulate against vibrations
  • Includes turntable, slipmat, LED needle light, counterweight, phono RCA cable with grounding, USB cable, and power cord

Reloop RP-8000-MK2 Specs Turntable Type Direct-drive turntable Drive Quartz-Driven, Upper-Torque Direct Drive Motor 8-Pole, 3-Phase, Brushless DC Motor Speed 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM Torque Starting: 2.8 to 4.5 kg/cm (Adjustable) Stop Time Adjustable Stop Time: 0.2 to 6sec Start Time Start-Up Time / Change to RPM: 55 dB (DIN-B) Brake System Electronic brake Platter Material Aluminum, die-cast Diameter 13.1" / 332 mm Weight 3.3 lb / 1.5 kg Tone Arm Type Universal, Statically Balanced, S-Shaped Length 9.1" / 230.0 mm (Effective) Overhang 0.6" / 15.0 mm Tracking Angle Error <3° Offset Angle 22° Stylus Pressure Adjustment 0 to 4 g VTA Setting Range 0 to 6.0 mm Applicable Pick-Up Weight 3.5 to 8.5 g (Incl. Headshell 13.0 to 18.0 g) Anti-Skating Range 0 to 3 g Tone Arm Effective Tone Arm Mass: 1.1 oz / 30.0 g General Connections 1 x Pair of Gold-Plated Phono RCA Outputs (L/R) 1 x Pair of Gold-Plated Line RCA Outputs (L/R) 1 x GND Power 115-230 VAC, 60/50 Hz Power Consumption 17 W Shelf Dimensions (W x D x H) 18.0 x 13.9 x 5.7" / 458.0 x 354.0 x 144.6 mm Weight 26.0 lb / 11.8 kg Packaging Info Package Weight 28.565 lb Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.4 x 17.1 x 7.5"

In the Box

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 – Upper Torque Hybrid Turntable Instrument for Serato DJ Pro LED Needle Light Counterweight Phono RCA Cable with Ground USB Cable Slipmat Power Cord Limited 1-Year Warranty


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