Nord Wave 2 Keyboard Synthesizer, Gator GKB61 Bag, Sustain Pedal, Nektar NP-1, NX-P, (2) ErnieBall 1/4 Bundle


  • 61-Key Fatar Keybed, 48-Voice Polyphony
  • 4-Part Multitimbral Performance
  • Sophisticated Layering & Keyboard Splits
  • Waveforms: Analog, Wavetable, FM, Sample

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Designed for musicians, producers, and sound designers, the hand-built Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer equipped with a 61-note keyboard with aftertouch, 48-voice polyphony, and an advanced sound engine, which harnesses the power of samples, virtual analog waveforms, FM, and wavetables to create mind-bending sounds for any style of production.

Up to four oscillators can be assigned to each part giving you a massive 16 total oscillators per patch. Create breath-taking textures and evolving sounds using layers, keyboard splits, and the latest group mode, which easily combines up to four layers and lets them share the same filter, envelope, arpeggiator, LFO, and effects settings for complex, multilayered sounds that can be edited as one coherent sound.

Additionally, each layer features its own arpeggiator, capable of powerful rhythmic patterns. With classic, polyphonic, and gate modes, you’ll never be short on inspiration. Create your own patterns quickly and easily and synchronize everything with the master clock. There’s a tap-tempo feature for locking LFO’s, effects, and more, to a drummer or click track.

The latest Nord Sample Library 3.0 application (Mac / Windows) easily helps you customize sample instruments. The software analyzes, maps, loops, and transfers samples to the Wave 2 in one simple motion. The Wave 2 ships with 1GB of memory and allows you to replace the onboard samples with your own. With a mass of knobs, switches, and controls, the Wave 2 offers 1:1 control over most parameters, allowing for fast and intuitive programming and performance with advanced layering and tweaking on-the-fly.


  • Program Layer:
    • Includes faders for easily controlling the volume or pan for all 4 layer parts at once
    • Provides handy features for quick layer focus, pan control, solo and multi-editing
  • Group Mode: Allows for grouping up to 4 layers
    • Share the same filter, envelope, arpeggiator, LFO, and effect settings
    • Great for creating complex multilayered sounds that can be edited as one coherent sound


  • Each of the 4 layers offers 4 modes: Virtual Analog, Wavetable, FM, and Samples
  • Easily browsed with new direct category mode
  • Oscillator Control features additional control over shape, sync or detune
  • Oscillator Categories
    • Virtual Analog: an extensive range of waveforms from classic analog to extended, harmonically rich new additions.
      • Basic: Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width, Sine, Square with basic tuning controls.
      • Shape: Waveforms where Osc Control will alter the Shape of the waveform
      • Multi: Two or more waveforms combined where the Osc Control will adjust amount of detune and spread
      • Sync: Soft- and hard-synced configurations, where Osc Control controls Sync Frequency
      • Noise: White noise
    • Samples:
      • High-quality samples from our Nord Sample Library 3.0
      • Add your own custom samples using the Nord Sample Editor 3
      • Use the embedded sample presets for instantly playable dynamic sounds
      • Sculpt your own sound from scratch with the Raw Samp mode
    • Wavetable:
      • Large number of advanced wavetables covering a wide range of tonal characteristics
    • FM
      • 2, 3, and 4 operator configurations with harmonic and inharmonic variations
  • Unison: Powerful multi-oscillator Unison effect with true Superwaves simultaneously generating hundreds of waveforms for extremely thick and fat sounds
  • Compatible with Nord Sample Library
    • 1GB of memory
    • Loaded with a wide selection of quality samples including Strings, Brass, Guitars, Choirs, Chromatic Percussion
    • Exclusively licensed sounds of the Mellotron and Chamberlin
    • All sounds are easily replaceable using the Nord Sound Manager
    • Create and transfer your own samples
    • Nord Sample Editor 3 for Mac and Windows lets you map, loop, and transfer samples to your Nord Wave 2

Filter Section

  • 6 Filter Types
    • Classic 12 dB Low Pass
    • Classic 24 dB Low Pass
    • High Pass
    • High Pass / Low Pass
    • Band Pass
    • Accurate Transistor Ladder Low Pass
  • Modeling captures true character and response of the classic analog instruments
  • Flexible and precise sound design
  • Equipped with full ADSR envelope

LFO & Modulation Section

  • Dedicated LFO for each layer
  • Choice of waveforms
  • AD/AR Modulation Envelope with dedicated velocity setting and Invert mode
  • Several morphable parameters
  • Rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock

Amplifier Section

  • Full ADSR envelope
  • Powerful Transient Attack mode for adding more punch to your sounds

Morphing and Impulse Morph

  • Extensive range of morphable parameters
  • Control Sources:
    • Velocity
    • Aftertouch
    • Wheel
    • Control Pedal
  • Sources can be quickly assigned to control multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Impulse Morph: Instantly change any sound parameter
  • Wheel Assign: Instantly assign LFO, Oscillator Control, or Filter to the Modulation Wheel

Advanced Polyphonic Arpeggiator with Gate

  • Classic arpeggiator and a polyphonic mode
  • Directly editable patterns
  • Polyphonic Mode:
    • Retrigger all held keys either straight or patterned
    • Features different inversions for exciting harmonic variations
  • Gate mode:
    • Chops sound up in a rhythmic pattern with adjustable depth
  • Pattern Mode:
    • Wide selection of Rhythmic Patterns
    • Easy editing for creating your own custom patterns


  • Master Clock
    • Allows the LFO, Arpeggiator, and various effects to be synchronized, either internally or by an external MIDI clock
      Synchronize 4 layers with individual patterns, in sync with Delays and LFO’s
    • Tap Tempo allows you to easily tap to the tempo of a drummer or to playback tracks


  • Separate Effect section for each layer
  • Features wide selection of instantly tweakable high-quality stereo effects modeled after classic stomp boxes
  • Modulation Effects
    • Tremolo
    • Pan
    • Ring Modulato
    • Chorus
    • Ensemble
    • Vibe
  • Rate and amount control
  • Controllable via control pedal (or other morph sources)
  • Can also be synchronized to the Master Clock for rhythmic effects
  • EQ & Drive
    • EQ with Bass and Treble control
    • 1 Band Sweepable EQ
    • Sparkling Tube Drive emulation is also available
  • Delay
    • Advanced stereo Delay effect
    • Ping Pong mode
    • Analog Mode
    • Tap Tempo
    • Creative feedback options for adding ensemble, chorus, and vibe, as well as HP/LP and BP filter in the feedback loop
  • Reverb
    • Booth
    • Room
    • Stage
    • Hall
    • Cathedral
    • Add ambience to your sounds
    • Amount is morphable
    • Bright and Dark modes for either extended or reduced treble
    • Chorale effect adds a lush modulation effect

Splits & Layers

  • Split mode offers three split points providing up to 4 zones with optional crossfades
  • Flexible Hold functionality lets you latch and hold slots independently in the background while playing something else on top

Sound Manager

  • Compatible with the Nord Sound Manager software for OS X and Windows
  • Easily reorganize, back-up, and transfer programs
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Type: Keyboard Synthesizer Sound Engine: FM, Wavetable, Sample-based, Virtual Analog Synthesis Analog/Digital: Digital Number of Keys: 61 Type of Keys: Semi-weighted Aftertouch: Yes Velocity Sensitive: Yes Other Controllers: Modulation Wheel, Pitch Stick Polyphony: 48 Notes Presets: 4-part Multi-timbral, 16 x 25 Programs, Nord Sample Library 3.0 Oscillators: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Pulse LFO: 1 x LFO (5 x waveforms) Filter: 12dB/24dB Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Ladder M, LP+HP Envelope Generator: ADSR (amp), AD/AR (mod) Effects Types: Tremolo, Ring Mod, Chorus, Ensemble, Vibe, Drive, 5 x Reverbs, Advanced Delay with Feedback Arpeggiator: Polyphonic Memory: 1GB Sound Memory Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/8" (monitor in) Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (L/R) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" USB: 1 x Type B MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB Pedal Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (sustain), 1 x 1/4" (control pedal) Software: Nord Sound Manager OS Requirements – Mac: MacOS 10.7 or later OS Requirements – PC: Windows 7 or later Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable Height: 3.9" Width: 38.9" Depth: 11.6" Weight: 19.29 lbs.


Nord Wave 2 Keyboard Synthesizer Gator GKB61 Bag Sustain Pedal Nektar NP-1 NX-P (2) ErnieBall 1/4


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