Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer


  • 2 Mic/Line Inputs with 3-Band EQ
  • 2 Stereo 1/4″ Line Inputs with 3-Band EQ
  • 1 Aux Send with Stereo 1/4” Returns
  • Stereo RCA Tape Inputs & Outputs
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The Mackie Mix8 is an 8-channel compact mixer that features high quality components, a rugged metal chassis, and is designed for a variety of sound reinforcement applications. The mixer features two mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power, two stereo 1/4″ line inputs, and stereo 1/4″ aux send and return. It is capable of accommodating dynamic and condenser microphones, keyboards, DJ setups, portable music players, and more.

Each of the two mic/line inputs is equipped with XLR and 1/4″ connectors, a dedicated 3-band EQ, aux send, pan, level control and an LED overload indicator. The two stereo 1/4″ line inputs each feature an aux send, 3-band EQ, level control, balance control and also have an LED overload indicator.

  • Dedicated stereo RCA inputs/outputs for playback or recording
  • Headphone and stereo control room outputs
  • Rugged, reliable design built to last
  • Compact and portable
UPC: 663961044904

Type: Analog Channels: 8 Inputs – Mic Preamps: 2 x XLR Phantom Power: 2 Channels Inputs – Line: 6 x TRS, 1 x stereo x RCA Outputs – Main: 2 x TRS Outputs – Other: 1 x stereo RCA (Tape), 2 x TRS (Control Room) Aux Sends: 1 x Post Send/Return I/O: 1 x TRS (Send), 2 x TRS (Return) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" EQ Bands: 3-band Height: 2.1" Width: 7.8" Depth: 9.6" Weight: 2.5 lbs.


Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer Power Cord Limited 1-Year Warranty


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