Lewitt LCT 840 Reference Class Tube Microphone, sE Electronics RF-X, XLR Cable Bundle


  • Five consistent directional characteristics
  • 1-inch externally biased, dual-system capsule
  • Superior dynamic range
  • Solid die-cast metal body
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The LCT 840 Reference Class Tube Microphone from Lewitt is a premium class externally polarized microphone for vocals and miking instruments in the studio or on stage. Equipped with a precision-engineered 1.0″ capsule, the LCT 840 delivers a classic vintage sound. This multi-purpose microphone offers versatility, letting you choose between five different polar patterns – cardioid, omnidirectional, figure 8, wide cardioid, and supercardioid. This unit has a low self-noise of 9 dB and rejection of off-axis sounds. The microphone’s PSU power supply unit offers three levels of attenuation and three switchable high-pass filters, indicators and push buttons for noiseless handling. The microphone and the PSU unit are connected via an included 26′ 11-pin XLR cable.

The LCT 840 is equipped with a plexiglass inspection window on the front of the body that fully exposes the illuminated tube. The inside window surface is coated with a highly conductive, yet transparent film preventing electromagnetic interference.


  • 1.0″ externally biased, gold-layered low-mass diaphragms combined with a dual triode tube ensures accurate transient response while providing smooth, warm and airy tube sound
  • Five consistent directional characteristics offer flexibility – cardioid, omnidirectional, figure 8, broad cardioid, and supercardioid
  • Dynamic range of 130 dB-A (Tube) and low self-noise of 9 dB-A for realism and distortion-free sonic depth
  • 3-position switchable pre-attenuation pad (0, 10, and 20 dB) for handling high sound pressure levels and 3-position high-pass filter
  • Illuminated user interface and jog dials for easy handling even in dark environments
  • Noiseless push buttons for quick and easy attenuation and HPF selection
  • Unique features like clipping history and automatic attenuation provide error-free studio recording and ease of use
  • Solid die-cast metal body with an oversized tube inspection window specially coated for maximum protection against electromagnetic interference
  • Extra-large hexagonal ruthenium-galvanized steel mesh grille provides an open acoustic environment and prevents unwanted internal reflections
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated 11-pin XLR output connector
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Audio Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz Max SPL: 139 dB Connectivity: XLR Pattern and type Capsule: Tube Pattern: Multi-pattern Type: Mounted Applications: Studio Phantom power required: No Size and weight Length: 7.5 in. Width: 2.4 in. Depth: 1.8 in. Weight: 23.3 oz. Included accessories Case: Hard case Clip: Shockmount Power supply: Yes


Lewitt LCT 840 Reference Class Tube Microphone sE Electronics RF-X XLR Cable


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