Korg Pa600 Professional 61-Key Keyboard with Speakers, Ruibo 61 Key Bag, Keyboard Stand and Bench Bundle


  • 950 Factory Sounds and 64 Drum Kits
  • Internal Speakers in Bass Reflex Box
  • Over 360 Factory Styles
  • Compact Design For Easy Transport

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The Pa600 Professional 61-Key Arranger Keyboard with Built-In Speakers from Korg is a compact, professional musical arranger keyboard with built-in amplification that features a wide variety of musical arrangement styles with programmable functionality. It is designed for quick and easy arrangement and execution of live musical performances and more.

Designed as an all-in-one performance tool, the Pa600 is equipped with two internal loudspeakers that are housed in a bass-reflex box and driven by two 15-watt amplifiers. This, in tandem with its compact design and programmable features, make the keyboard a handy tool for “one-man-band” type performances such as restaurant or coffee house gigs.

The Pa600 boasts an assortment of over 950 preloaded sounds with 96MB of expansion memory for adding new ones. In addition to the sound bank, there are over 360 on-board genres and musical arrangement styles that accommodate to a wide range of performance occasions. Each style includes intros, endings, variations and breaks that allow you to create arrangements for your performances. Styles can be edited and custom styles can be created as well.

In terms of effects, the arranger includes four stereo master processors with 125 different effects including reverb, delay and chorus. Additionally, each track features EQ with low, mid and high controls.

Other programmable features that aid in arranging and performing your music include the chord sequencer function that allows you to record a chord progression on the fly to free up both hands for a solo passage, and the SongBook database feature for quickly for locating musical pieces and recalling settings such as FX, tempo, master transpose, muted tracks and more.

Internal Sound Bank

Over 950 sounds preloaded including a GM sound set and 64 drum kits

Onboard Amplification

2 x 15-watt amplifiers drive two internal 100 mm double cone speakers in bass reflex box

Over 360 Musical Styles

Over 360 factory styles, each including three intros/endings, four variations and four fill in + break sections. There are also ten favorite banks and three user banks for storage of your favorite customized or user created styles

Realistic Guitars

Guitar Mode 2 for realistic sounding guitar tracks

Expandable Sound Library

Additional musical sounds and styles particular to specific regions around the world can be purchased. Up to 96MB of additional content can be added to the sound engine

On Board FX

Four stereo master effect processors with 125 effects. FX includes reverb, delay and chorus as well as some guitar-based effects for authentic guitar tones. Additionally, each track features EQ with low, mid and high controls

Chord Sequencer

If you need both hands to play a solo passage, record your chord sequence and let the Chord Sequencer play it for you

SongBook Database

User programmable musical database, containing all the settings needed to play a particular song. The SongBook can use styles, MIDI files, or MP3s, and can immediately recall settings such as Song Title, Genre, Artist, Tempo, Volumes, Sounds, Muted Tracks, FX settings, Easy Edit, Master Transpose and more


Number of Keys: 61 Polyphony: 128 Notes Presets: 950+ Number of Effects: 125 Effects Types: Reverb, Chorus Sequencer: 16-track Audio Inputs: 2 x TS Audio Outputs: 2 x TS, 1 x Headphones USB: 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB Pedal Inputs: 1 x Damper, 1 x Assignable Footswitch Built-in Speakers: Yes Power Supply: AC 100V-240V Height: 5" Width: 40.55" Depth: 14.88" Weight: 24.25 lbs.


Korg Pa600 Professional 61-Key Keyboard with Speakers Ruibo 61 Key Bag Keyboard Stand and Bench


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