Korg Minilogue 4-voice Analog Synthesizer, AT ATH-M20X, (2) 1/4 Cables Bundle


  • Four Voice – Fully Programmable
  • 200 Fully Editable Presets
  • Modes: Poly, Duo, Mono, Chord, Unison
  • 16-Step Poly Note and Motion Sequencer
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The Minilogue from Korg is a polyphonic all-analog synthesizer with a fully programmable four-voice architecture and 200 fully editable presets, well suited for musicians and analog synth enthusiasts. The synth offers 8 voice-allocation modes including polyphonic, duophonic, monophonic, chord, unison, and more. The OLED display offers parameter information and features a real-time oscilloscope, providing eye-catching visual feedback on the sound being played. A 16-step sequencer not only records poly notes, but motion sequences of knob movements as well. A tape-style delay further expands the sound and settings are savable per preset.

The enclosure is crafted from a curved aluminum panel, populated by chassis-mounted metal shaft pots with rubber-coated knobs, and a solid pyinkado-wood rear panel. Programming is a breeze with a single-knob-per-function architecture that satisfies seasoned synth professionals and beginner programmers.

  • 4-voice polyphonic true-analog with presets (200 total, 100 preloaded, all editable)
  • 16-step polyphonic step and motion sequencer
  • On-board arpeggiator
  • Voice Mode lets users configure the 4 available voices or even limit them to emulate other types of analog synthesis (monophonic, duophonic, etc.)
  • On-board tape-style delay
  • OEL screen defaults to a real-time oscilloscope when other parameters are not being shown
  • High-quality and rugged chassis-mounted metal shaft pots with rubber-coated knobs
  • Curved aluminum panel and pyinkado-wood rear panel for a professional-quality feel and look
  • USB and traditional MIDI I/O, audio sync for connection to electribe, volcas, and more

Type: Keyboard Synth with Sequencer Analog/Digital: Analog Number of Keys: 37 Type of Keys: Slim-key, Velocity-sensitive Other Controllers: 1 x Slider (assignable) Polyphony: 4 Notes Presets: 100 presets, 100 user Oscillators: 2 x Analog VCO (sawtooth, triangle, square) LFO: 1 x LFO (sawtooth, triangle, square) Filter: 2-pole/4-pole Lowpass Filter with Keytrack, Velocity Envelope Generator: 1 x AMP EG (ADSR), 1 x EG (ADSR) Arpeggiator: 4-voice Sequencer: 16-step Polyphonic Sequencer, Motion Sequence, Realtime Recording Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/4" TS (audio in) Audio Outputs: 1 x 1/4" TS (audio out) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" USB: 1 x Type USB B MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB Other I/O: Sync in, Sync out Software: Minilogue Librarian Software Power Source: 9V DC power supply included Height: 3.35" Width: 19.69" Depth: 11.81" Weight: 6.17 lbs.


Korg Minilogue 4-voice Analog Synthesizer AT ATH-M20X (2) 1/4 Cables


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