Korg Grandstage 88 Stage Piano


  • 88-Key Stage Piano
  • Designed for Playability on Stage
  • 7 Sound Engines
  • RH3 Fully Weighted Hammer Action
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The 88-Key, Korg Grandstage88 stage piano & master controller combines the acoustic piano tradition with the flexibility of an electronic instrument to deliver versatile on-stage playability. It offers a rich variation of sounds, an intuitive user interface on the front panel, and a keyboard with RH3 weighted hammer action, which directly conveys the delicate nuances and emotions of the player’s performance.

The Grandstage features seven sound engines with five grand pianos, an upright piano, six vintage electric pianos, three vintage organs, an analog synth, and an FM synth, for a total of 500 sounds. Straightforward operation lets the player concentrate completely on his/her performance. The sounds are separated into a Keyboard section and an Ensemble section and can be quickly selected or recalled from 64 Favorite locations. All effects and controls are quickly accessed using the front-panel knobs and buttons.

To help shape articulation and expressivity during a performance, the Dynamics knob instantly changes the way the keyboard’s dynamics (velocity) affects the volume and tone of your sound. The company’s proprietary Smooth Sound Transition (SST) function ensures seamless and natural switching between sounds or effects.

Made in Japan by dedicated and experienced craftsmen, the Korg Grandstage’s design echoes that of an acoustic piano. The instrument includes a dedicated music stand and a damper pedal.

Seven Sound Engines

SGX-2: Six Acoustic Pianos

  • Five grand piano sounds, professinally captured using instruments from Berlin, Heidelberg, Austria, Japan, and Italy
  • One upright piano sound
  • High-capacity unlooped stereo samples for every key
  • Up to 12 levels of velocity-switching to accurately convey the detailed and powerful expressiveness of an acoustic piano
  • Damper resonance reproduces the spaciousness felt when the pedal is pressed
  • Reproduces mechanical noise
  • Provides monaural piano sounds for all acoustic piano programs
  • Monaural piano sounds were voiced from monaurally recorded sources, not from a mono mix of stereo samples

EP-1: Six Vintage Electric Pianos

  • Classic I, II, V electric pianos
  • DMP tine electric piano
  • 200 and 200A reed piano models
  • MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology for velocity-switching—smoothly responds to subtle changes in your keyboard dynamics
  • Realistic emulations of amps, cabinets, speakers, and vintage effects

CX-3 Tonewheel Organ

  • Faithful reproduction of Korg’s classic combo organ, released in 1980
  • Built-in rotary speaker effect

VOX Vintage Organ

  • Reproduces the sound of the VOX organ, widely used in Europe and the US during the ’60s
  • Built-in rotary speaker effect

Compact Vintage Transistor Organ

  • Simulates the compact organ that earned a legendary place in rock during the same years as the VOX organ
  • Built-in rotary speaker effect

AL-1 Analog Synthesizer

  • Analog-modeling sound engine delivers well-defined reeds and thick brass sounds

HD-1 High-Definition Synthesizer

  • PCM sound engine
  • Distinctive samples of keyboard instruments, including an eight-level multisampled clavi sound, a harpsichord, a mellotron, pipe organ, and the metallic sound of an FM piano

User Interface Designed for Playability on Stage

Sound Selection and Reverb Effects

  • Intuitive interface lets you rapidly select the desired sound
  • Most-frequently played sounds such as piano, electric piano, and organ can be recalled from the right-hand “Keyboard Section”
  • Synth and strings sounds can be recalled from the left-hand “Ensemble Section”
  • Easy-to-control Master effects—all Effect, EQ, and dynamic controls can be directly accessed using front-panel knobs and buttons
  • Hall and Room reverb settings apply “iVerb” to deliver natural spaciousness and smooth reverberation
  • Spring reverb matches the vintage organ sounds

Dynamics Knob: Instantly Control Articulation and Expressivity

  • The Dynamics knob instantly changes the way in which the dynamics of your keyboard-playing (velocity) affects the volume and tone
  • Allows you to customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time

3-Band EQ: Shape Your Sound

  • 3-band equalizer lets you optimize the character of the overall sound for the acoustics of your live performance venue
  • Easily controlled by operating Low/Mid/High faders

Smooth Sound Transition for Natural-Feeling Changes

  • Smooth Sound Transition (SST) function creates smooth and natural change when you switch between sounds and effects, even while you perform

Favorites Buttons to Instantly Recall your Sounds

  • Favorites buttons let you save up to 64 of your favorite sounds
  • Sounds can be instantly recalled during a song or between songs
  • Saved sounds can be registered as a combination of the keyboard section and ensemble section

Layer and Split to Easily Combine Sounds

  • Play Layers or Splits using the two sounds selected for each of the “Keyboard” and “Ensemble” sections
  • Direct access to Layer/Split selection, Split point settings, and swapping of the lower and upper keys is easily accomplished via the panel switch, without having to go through a menu

Panel Lock Prevents Unintended Operation

  • Prevents sounds or settings from being unintentionally changed while you’re absorbed in your performance on stage

Keyboard with RH3 Weighted Hammer Action

RH3 Keyboard Responds to Nuances of your Playing

  • Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed—88 keys
  •  Conveys the delicate touch and nuances of your fingertips, letting you experience a realistic playing feel
  • As with a grand piano, keyboard is divided into four regions in which the lower register feels heavier and the upper register feels lighter
  • Made in Japan—quality achieved through the careful production skills of a small number of dedicated and experienced craftsmen

Detailed Design

  • Design exemplifies the stylings of an acoustic piano
  • Front panel features hairline-finished aluminum
  • Red LEDs ensure clear visibility, even on a dimly lit stage
  • Rear panel features authentic wood grain
  • Entire rear-panel KORG logo can be brightly illuminated—you can adjust the color, brightness, and illumination mode to your taste

Included Accessories

  • Dedicated music stand that can be attached to the instrument
  • Damper pedal (DS-1H) that supports half-pedaling

Number of Keys: 88 Type of Keys: Weighted (RH3 keybed), velocity-sensitive Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel Polyphony: Up to 128 voices Presets: 500 sounds Effects: Reverb, Delay, EQ Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 2 x XLR (left, right) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" USB: 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B MIDI I/O: In/Out Pedal Inputs: 3 x 1/4" (damper, switch, pedal), DS-1H included Bench/Stand Included: Stand Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable Height: 5.51" Width: 51.6" Depth: 14.1" Weight: 44 lbs.


Korg Grandstage 88 Stage Piano Music Rest Korg DS1H – Piano Half Damper Switch Power Cord Limited 1-Year Warranty (2 Years with Online Registration)


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