Darkglass Microtubes B1K Distortion Mini Pedal


  • Microtubes distortion tone
  • Concentric Level and Drive controls
  • Internal Tone and Blend controls
  • Standard 9V DC pedal power
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The Microtubes B1K Distortion Mini Pedal may be Darkglass’ smallest pedal yet, but it’s packed with the same brutal distortion aggression of its larger siblings! Sporting a no-nonsense control scheme with a single concentric Level/Drive knob, the Microtubes B1K is a pocket-sized pedal that delivers the Microtubes’ crushing all-analog distortion tone, without even a hint of compromise. Inside the pedal, the Tone and Blend controls are easily accessible; bassists find that the B1K’s magic lies in how it functions as an always-on pedal, forming the core of your bass tone. Small, simple, and straightforward: the Microtubes B1K Distortion is the perfect choice for bass players looking to inject some legendary Microtubes ferocity into their rig!

Darkglass is a company that’s seriously dedicated to design innovation, so it comes as no surprise that the Microtubes B1K’s control scheme is slightly out of the ordinary. A single concentric knob is the pedal’s only visible control, giving the B1K a utilitarian edge that’s ideal for musicians playing in live settings who don’t have the luxury of endless knob twiddling. What’s more, the B1K’s Tone and Blend controls are easily accessible through internal controls, and they’re specifically designed to excel as set-and-forget parameters.


  • Brilliantly captures the legendary Microtubes distortion tone
  • Simple and straightforward controls, with simply a concentric Level/Drive knob and internal Tone and Blend settings
  • Designed with high-input impedance and low-output impedance to optimize your bass signal and avoid tone suck
  • Small form factor easily fits on a pedalboard or inside a gig bag
  • Standard 9V DC power
  • All-analog design

Pedal Type: Distortion Analog/Digital: Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/4" Outputs: 1 x 1/4" Controls: Drive Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately) Power Usage: 30mA Height: 1.75" Width: 2.0" Depth: 4.0" Weight: 0.45 lbs.


Darkglass Microtubes B1K Distortion Mini Pedal


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