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Darkglass Alpha-Omega 900 – 900-Watt Bass Head (Open Box)


  • 900-watt solid-state bass amplifier head
  • 6-band EQ gives you powerful tone-shaping options
  • Dual TS/speakON speaker outputs, 4-ohm or 2-ohm
  • Direct outputs for both pre- and post-processed signals

The Alpha Omega 900 is an incredible amp for the expert bassist who wants a variety of heavy sounds backed by significant power. Featuring awesome sound customization, expert functionality, and a sleek design, you’ll be amazed at all this bass amp has to offer.

Awesome Sound Customization
This sweet amp head is a combination of Darkglass’s most successful distortion preamp, combined with killer features, and driven by 900 watts of power. Its studio-grade VCA compressor helps maintain the signature Alpha and Omega drive engines. You can boost the highs with the Bite button or press Growl for additional low-end and a thicker tone. The 6-band EQ allows you to custom shape your sound to perfection, attaining beautiful, ringing, clean tones, or muffled, overdriven bass.

Expert Functionality

With all the features on this amp, you’ll be able to perfect your sound, regardless of what genre you play. The distortion button engages the Alpha Omega Engine, adding natural compression and enhanced sonic power, and affording a wonderfully full overdrive. The Mod knob selects or mixes between the two distinct Alpha and Omega circuits, allowing you to properly blend their characters. The Blend knob will allow you to mix between clean signal and drive signal. The Alpha Omega 900 has MIDI programmability and impulse response simulation that can store up to three distinct virtual cabinets. It’s also got an auxiliary input and headphone output for when you need to keep it a little quieter.

Sleek Design

With an amp this size, the breadth of sound and amount of volume it holds is truly impressive. This sleek blue amp head measures 10.5″ x 2.75″ x 10″ and weighs only 6.39 lbs. It boasts an “AO” Alpha Omega symbol on top for some awesome stylistic flare. Housing the intuitive controls on the front panel and a myriad of additional outputs and connections on the back, you can’t ask for a cooler, more compact and comprehensive amp head.


  • 900-Watt Bass Amplifier Head
  • Alpha Omega Drive Engine
  • Studio-Grade VCA Compressor
  • Mod Knob Blends the Two Drive Circuits
  • Blend Knob Mixes Clean and Distorted Signal
  • 6-Band EQ Sliders
  • Sleek, Compact, Intuitive Design
  • Footswitch Included

Type: Solid State Number of Channels: Single channel Total Power: 900W @ 4 ohms, 500W @ 8 ohms Effects: Alpha Omega Overdrive/Enhancement Compression: Adjustable EQ: 6-band Graphic EQ Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/8" (aux in) Outputs: 2 x SpeakON-1/4" combo, 2 x XLR (pre/post DI) Headphones: 1 x 1/4" Effects Loop: Yes USB: 1 x Micro-B MIDI I/O: In Footswitch I/O: 1 x 1/4" (Alpha Omega drive, mute) Footswitch Included: Yes, 1-button footswitch Features: Store 3 Cabinet Impulse Responses Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable Height: 2.75" Width: 10" Depth: 10.5" Weight: 6.39 lbs.


Darkglass Alpha-Omega 900 – 900-Watt Bass Head 1-button footswitch


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