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BluGuitar Remote1 – Remote Foot Controller for Amp1 (Demo Unit)


  • Adjustable and switchable Master Volume
  • PowerSoak allows you to reduce Amp1’s wattage
  • Create and recall four banks of nine unique presets
  • Expandable with the BluGuitar Looperkit (sold separately)
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While the Amp1 guitar amp serves as a two-channel amp, with a footswitch to toggle Clean and Overdrive channels, adding the Remote1 allows you to switch between all four channels without turning any knobs. On top of switching between Clean, Vintage, Classic and Modern channels, Remote1 also controls Boost, Reverb and effects loop settings. You can save your custom settings to 36 preset slots, putting a lot of sonic options right at your feet.

Integrate your MIDI gear too

The MIDI output on the Remote1 foot controller allows you to send MIDI messages to your MIDI-equipped effects pedals or other gear. Each of the 36 presets on the Remote1 can save a MIDI command, allowing you to switch settings on external effects as you change presets. We’re seeing more MIDI-equipped guitar pedals at Sweetwater everyday, and the Remote1 makes it easy to manage them along with the rest of your Amp1 rig.

Add the optional Looper Kit for advanced effects switching

To add extensive effects loop switching and programming to your Remote1, add the BluGuitar Looper Kit (not included). It’s a bank of four true bypass mono relay loops, allowing you to connect four different effects chains and switch between them with the Remote1. Effects loop routing is saved along with your presets, which means you can configure custom effects combinations along with your Amp1 settings.


  • Remote foot controller for Amp1 guitar amplifier
  • Allows you to store 36 custom Amp1 presets in 4 banks of 9 presets for instant recall
  • Offers access to all Amp1 functions including channel switching, Boost, Reverb, and effects loop settings
  • Amazingly rugged, with all-metal construction and robust knobs
  • Adjustable and switchable Master Volume
  • PowerSoak allows you to reduce Amp1’s wattage for cranked-amp tones at lower volume levels
  • MIDI output to control MIDI-equipped effects pedals and processors
  • Add Looper Kit (not included) to add four switchable effects loops
  • Connects to Amp1 with any 1/4″ TS cable (instrument cable or speaker cable)

Type: BluGuitar Amp1 controller Number of Footswitch Buttons: 9 switches (5 x settings, 2 x efx, volume, power soak) plus mode switch Outputs: 1 x 1/4" TS, Midi Out Height: 2.76" Width: 16.14" Depth: 5.91"


BluGuitar Remote1 – Remote Foot Controller for Amp 1


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