Aston Mic Stealth Cardioid Active Dynamic Broadcast, Moukey Mic Shock Mount with Metal Pop Filter Bundle


  • For Vocals, Guitars & More
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • 4 Switchable Voicings
  • 1 Guitar, 1 Vintage & 2 Vocals Settings
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The Aston Stealth is a moving-coil, dynamic microphone that’s suitable for capturing voice-overs, sung vocals, guitars, and more. A cardioid microphone designed to minimize pickup on the sides, the Stealth offers four switchable voices that are tailored toward different audio signals. V1 and V2 are designed for vocalists. G is for guitar, be it electric, classical, or steel-string acoustic. D is for dark, and this is your vintage sound, with a timbre reminiscent of ribbon microphones.

As this is a dynamic microphone, the Stealth is designed to work without phantom power. However, it also makes use of an active circuit that automatically senses the presence of 48V phantom power and switches on a built-in Class-A mic preamp, effectively mitigating the need for external gain-lifting devices.

Speaking of mitigating, the diaphragm is housed in a Faraday cage that mitigates EMI and RFI, helping you ensure a noise-free capture. This microphone comes with a custom-designed, adjustable quick release stand mount.

4 Voicings for Different Sounds

You’ll find four voicings to aid you in matching the mic with different sound sources. V1 and V2 are designed for vocals. G is designed for guitars and is equally suited to Spanish guitar, electric guitar cabinets, and steel-string acoustics. D stands for dark; it’s designed to give you a vintage sound reminiscent of classic ribbon mics.

Contour Networks over EQ

The Stealth mic does not utilize EQ filters. Instead, the mic utilizes contour networks, meaning the bulk of the signal does not pass through any sort of filter circuitry. The whole signal is slightly attenuated, with some frequencies being added back in at a higher level. This results in lower phase distortion than conventional filter designs.

Active & Passive Modes

The Stealth works with or without 48V phantom power. In passive mode, the active circuit is completely bypassed and the Stealth operates with the simplest possible signal chain. A built-in Autodetect function senses the presence of 48V phantom power and will automatically switch the mic to active mode to make use of a built-in, Class-A mic pre.

Class-A Mic Pre in Active Mode

When in active mode, Stealth offers a high-quality built-in Class-A microphone preamp, dispensing with the need for an external gain-lifting device.

Internal Shockmount

Aston Stealth includes a proprietary internal shockmount design with the capsule suspended in mid-air, isolated from the mic chassis, and supported at three points by Sorbothane polymer hemispheres. Sorbothane itself is a synthetic, visco-elastic urethane polymer used as a vibration damper and acoustic shield used in computing, hi-fi, and industrial applications.

RFI & EMI Rejection

The Stealth’s capsule is fully enclosed in a stainless-steel Faraday cage that effectively blocks electromagnetic fields and keeps stray radio frequencies at bay. Indeed, Faraday keeps it all far away.

Included Stand Mount

The Aston Stealth uses custom-molded end caps with integrated XLR and a special design quick release stand mount. An included stand mount allows you to simply click the mic into place and release it just as quickly for storage, and this mount can angle the mic perfectly for any application.


Microphone Type: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Max SPL: 140dB SPL Self Noise: 10dB (A weighted) Features: Internal Shockmount Color: Black Connector: XLR Dimensions: 7.72" x 2.28" Weight: 1.52 lbs.


Aston Mic Stealth Cardioid Active Dynamic Broadcast Moukey Mic Shock Mount with Metal Pop Filter


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