Antelope Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface – sE Electronics 2200 Recording Mic – Mogami XLR/TRS – Mic Stand


  • USB 2.0 or Thunderbolt 3 Interface
  • 4 Ultralinear Transparent Mic Pres
  • 4 Instrument Inputs and 2 Reamp Outputs
  • ADAT and S/PDIF Digital I/O

The Zen Tour Synergy from Antelope is a desktop interface designed to bring studio-quality sound to your home, studio, or on-the-road productions. Use it to record vocals and instruments or reamp clean recorded guitars back out through amplifiers for a more realistic tone. With USB 2 and Thunderbolt over USB Type-C, the interface facilitates connection to both Mac and Windows operating systems. ADAT and S/PDIF I/O ports facilitate digital expansion, letting you add up to ten more channels of audio.

The mic preamps provided in this interface are ultralinear, fully discrete designs that work seamlessly with Antelope’s mic modeling technology. Should you have a separately available Antelope modeling microphone and software, you’ll be able to get the sound of a vintage, prized mic chain, from capsule to preamp. Additionally, the interface offers FPGA Synergy Core FX Processing, so you can run Antelope’s FPGA effects.

The Zen Tour Synergy offers a bevy of analog connection points. You’ll find four mic/line inputs, four instrument inputs, eight line outputs over DB25 connections, two reamp outputs, two monitor outputs, and two independent headphone outputs. The 64-bit clocking ensures you’ll have clean, delineated signal in your recording chain and when you’re mixing with monitors or through headphones. An intuitive touchscreen on the interface lets you control the Zen Tour Synergy with ease, while a software mixer offers flexible routing. A power adapter is included along with a USB cable.

Multitude of Connections

The Zen Tour Synergy Core offers a choice of four instrument/line inputs, four mic/line inputs, eight line outputs, two monitor outputs, two headphone outputs and two reamp outputs. The unit is digitally expandable over ADAT and S/PDIF for an additional 10 digital input and 10 output channels. Additionally, all line outputs are DC coupled and ready for control voltage (CV) applications such as controlling modular synthesizers. As a final touch, an integrated talkback microphone lets you demo vocals and propel your voice to the live room.

4 Discrete Microphone Preamps

Fully discrete ultralinear microphone preamps offer stellar studio-quality sound. Musical and transparent, these pres are designed to complement the Antelope Audio Edge and Verge modeling microphones’ sonic characteristics and deliver the power of Antelope’s Accusonic 3D mic modeling technology right on your desktop.

Atomic Clocking

Antelope’s proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and Jitter Management algorithm helps deliver artifact-free audio with impeccable stereo separation and instrument delineation.

Latency-Free Direct Monitoring

Record and monitor with maxed-out effects chains at high sample rates and low buffer sizes without taxing your CPU. You can enjoy latency-free direct monitoring over four independent internal mixers with 32 assignable inputs and stereo outputs.

Touchscreen Controls

The Zen Tour Synergy Core has touchscreen controls giving immediate access to metering, level controls, presets, and settings. The intuitive interface and precise tactile control facilitate fast, efficient work at all times, without staring at a monitor.


Zen Tour Synergy Core is a desktop-sized solution. With it, all you need to make great recordings in your project studio, rehearsal space, or on the road is power, a decent laptop, and reliable headphones. The Synergy Core architecture lets you run processing-heavy projects without carrying external equipment like DSP accelerators, FX processors, and authorization dongles.

Easy to Route

Built inside the software Control Panel, a comprehensive Routing Matrix houses a full-fledged digital patch bay to freely route audio between the interface’s analog and digital inputs and outputs. Run DAW playback through Synergy Core FX, reamp guitar DIs through the Shred Guitar Amps and Cabs, and integrate external equipment.

Cross-Platform Connectivity

The Zen Tour Synergy Core carries both Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) and USB 2.0 (USB Type-B) ports for cross-platform compatibility with Mac and Windows machines.

Other Features at a Glance

  • 4  DSP and 2 x FPGA Synergy Core FX Processing
  • 64-bit acoustically focused clocking and jitter management algorithms
  • Mastering-grade stereo monitor outputs
  • 2 individual stereo headphone outputs
  • 2 transformer-based reamp Outputs
  • ADAT and SPDIF digital I/O
  • 8 line outputs on DB25 connector (DC-coupled)
  • Integrated talkback microphone


UPC: 853744004854

Interface Channels of I/O Analog: 4 Inputs / 8 Outputs ADAT: 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs at 44.1 kHz 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs at 48 kHz 4 Inputs / 8 Outputs at 88.2 kHz 4 Inputs / 4 Outputs at 96 kHz 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs at 176 kHz 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs at 192 kHz USB: 24 Inputs Thunderbolt: 32 Inputs Max Sample Rate/Resolution 192 kHz / 24-Bit Input Level Adjustment 1 x Knob Connectivity Host Connection 1 x USB Type-B (USB 2.0) 1 x USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3) Analog I/O 4 x 1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Line/Hi-Z Input 4 x Combo XLR-1/4" Balanced Mic/Line Input 2 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output 2 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Monitor Output 2 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Re-Amp Output 1 x DB-25 Balanced Line Output Phantom Power +48 V, Selectable On/Off (Selectable on Individual Inputs) Digital I/O 1 x TOSLINK ADAT Input (I/O) 1 x TOSLINK ADAT Output (I/O) 1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Input (I/O) 1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Output (I/O) MIDI I/O None Performance Gain/Trim Range Mic Inputs: Up to +65 dB Max Input Level Mic Inputs: +20 dBu Dynamic Range Mic Inputs: 121 dB A/D Converters: 124 dB D/A Converters: 127 dB 130 dB THD+N A/D Converters: -110 dB D/A Converters: -106 dB -115 dB THD Mic Inputs: -106 dB EIN Mic Inputs: -128 dBu Digital Audio Sample Rates Up to 192 kHz Bit Depth Up to 24-Bit Sync Sources Internal Compatibility OS Compatibility Windows 10 macOS 10.12 or Later Processor Requirement Mac: Intel Core i3 PC: Intel Core i3 PC: AMD RAM Requirements 4 GB, 8 GB Recommended Storage Requirements 4 GB Internet Connection Required for Registration, Software/Driver Download Power Power Requirements AC/DC Power Adapter (Included) AC Input Power 110 VAC, 50 Hz 220 VAC, 60 Hz AC/DC Power Adapter 18 V (Included) Power Consumption 25 W General Operating Temperature 32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C Physical Dimensions 10 x 6.6 x 2.4" / 25.4 x 16.76 x 6.1 cm Weight 3.5 lb / 1.6 kg Packaging Info Package Weight 7.535 lb Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.7 x 8.9 x 6.7"


Antelope Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface – sE Electronics 2200 Recording Mic – Mogami XLR/TRS – Mic Stand


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