Antelope Edge Go Bus-Powered FPGA FX Modeling Microphone


Key Features
  • 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Microphone
  • Antelope Edge Emulations Provided
  • Emulated Pres, EQs, Comps & More
  • Omnidirectional, Cardioid & Figure-8

Antelope Edge Go Overview

Designed for podcasters, vloggers, singers, and producers on the go, the Edge Go from Antelope is a USB microphone with a twist: this mic gives you all the faithful emulations of classic microphones that the Edge Series is known for. 67s, 47 FETs, C12s, and more are all accessible thanks to FPGA processing built directly into the mic. As such, you can access classic, sought-after mic-locker tones and take them on the road with you.

Plug the mic into your computer’s USB input and plug a pair of headphones into the capsule’s underside, and you’re ready to go. Set up your custom mic chain from the Edge Go software, which gives you classic preamp emulations alongside compressors, equalizers, and other studio tools (a gate, an expander, a tape machine emulation, reverb, and more). Monitor right through the microphone and record the tone of a classic mic right into your DAW, or stream it online to audio and video platforms.

The microphone itself gives you two 34mm capsules that can give you all the polar patterns of any emulated microphone. This not only includes cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, but anything in between (where applicable).

Recording audio at up to 192 kHz/24-bit, the mic provides a low-latency operation so that you can really feel the emulations as you use them. Though primarily tailored to vocalists, the Edge Go also works with electric and acoustic guitars. A case, a desktop mic stand, a shockmount mic clip, a USB cable, and a pop-filter are all provided. The emulations provided work with Mac and Windows platforms.

Emulated Mics Include:

  • Berlin 47 FT
  • Berlin 49T
  • Berlin 57
  • Berlin 87
  • Berlin 67
  • Berlin M103
  • Vienna 12
  • Vienna 414
  • Tokyo 800T
  • Oxford 4038
  • Sacramento 121R

Emulated Preamps Include:

  • RD-47
  • BA-31
  • BAE-1073
  • VPA-76

Emulated EQs Include:

  • VEQ-1A
  • BAE-1073
  • VEQ-55A
  • LANG PEQ-2

Emulated Compressors Include:

  • BA-6A
  • FET-A76
  • VCA-160
  • ALT-436C

Studio Essential Kit Includes:

  • REEL 2 REEL Tape Machine
  • POWER EX Expander

Included Presets:

Not sure where to start? Edge Go software gives you one-click access to presets like “Telephone Effect,” “Massive Reverb Space,” “Fan Noise Reduction,” and more, so you can nail that sound in your head and start recording fast. Get creative and build the effects chain of your dreams, then save it as a preset, so inspiration is only a click away.

Antelope Edge Go Specs Microphone Sound Field Mono, Stereo Capsule Condenser Diaphragm 1.34" / 34 mm (Condenser) 1.34" / 34 mm (Condenser) Polar Pattern Cardioid, Figure-8, Omnidirectional Pattern Selection Switched Circuitry Solid-State Performance Frequency Range 20 Hz to 20 kHz Maximum SPL 116 dB SPL Signal-to-Noise Ratio 75 dB A-Weighted Connectivity Output Connectors (Analog) 1 x Output Connectors (Digital) 1 x USB Type-C Headphone Connector 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Digital Audio A/D Conversion 24-Bit Sample Rate 192 kHz Operating System Support Windows, macOS/OS X RAM Requirement 4 GB Minimum 8 GB Recommended Available Port USB 2.0 Power Operating Voltage 5 V Operating Current Consumption 500 mA Physical Dimensions ø: 2.1 x L: 8.6" / ø: 53.34 x L: 218.44 mm Weight 1.21 lb / 548.84 g


Antelope Edge Go Bus-Powered FPGA FX Modeling Microphone Hard Case with Padded Interior USB-C to USB-A Cord Desktop Mic Stand Pop Filter Shockmount Mic Holder Limited 1-Year Warranty


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